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Photoshoot at Trout Lake

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A short clip of the girls during our fun photoshoot at Trout Lake. Lots of fun memories. We will try to share some of our behind the scenes moments with our readers and customers. A lot goes into an outdoor photoshoot with kids. Just bringing the wardrobe with us outdoors and trying to keep it clean is a big challenge! One of the girls fell into goose droppings while the other one fell in mud. It was an experience and we had so much fun with them. We tread through mud, tall grass, mosquitoes, goose droppings, and pulled every daffodil the girls wanted from the field. We climbed trees, chased ducks, and pretended to fish.

We caught a short video of them playing on the swing and running around and it was the most precious moment. We hope to capture our kids just being kids during the photoshoots. We don't direct them to do any poses or force them to wear or do anything they don't want to. We want the kids to be happy wearing our clothes and just be themselves. If you notice some of our photos, one of our models had a bandaid over the leg. The mom and photographer asked me, "Do you want us to remove the bandaid?" I replied, "No, please leave it alone."