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Our Story

Our Mission

The mission of Bubbles Made in Korea is to bring unique kids fashion to each neighbourhood in Vancouver through the concept of popup shops.  We bring parents in each community together through our popup events. Popup meaning we may be at that location for just a few days.

We support small business owners and designers in South Korea and work together to ensure the quality and designs are at the highest standard. We are the first to introduce a curated collection of colourful and playful fashion for ages 0-10 to Vancouver. We believe that every child can use their imagination to mix and match the pieces to form easy to wear outfits. We feature fashion made in South Korea, but at times, we may collaborate with designers and brands from around the world. All our designs are exclusive, seasonal and only available for a limited time to keep up with the fast changing fashion trends.

Our Story

Bubbles Made in Korea is created by Patricia Wong in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She was introduced to KPOP music, Korean dramas, Korean fashion and cosmetics, and Korean food by her friends when she was 18, and fell immediately in love with Korean culture. She graduated from the University of British Columbia and soon after had obtained a Diploma of Makeup Artistry from Blanche Macdonald due to her interest in the fashion industry. In 2009, she moved to Guangzhou to learn Mandarin and Chinese painting. She joined the women's club the first week she arrived and met many expats from all around the world. The ladies introduced her to a world of manufacturing from textiles to accessories. She began designing jewellery and fashion pieces from her weekly hand drawn drafts and was self taught.

The proximity to Hong Kong made travelling to the rest of Asia very convenient. She travelled frequently and was inspired by artists and designers in South Korea and Japan. She was inspired by the colourful prints and the level of detail in fashion not seen in North. Later on, she moved to Hong Kong where her parents are from to find her roots and to study fashion design.

Over the years, she has studied fine arts, fashion design and surface pattern design extensively. She dreamed of designing a women’s line, but with the birth of her daughter in 2012, the vision transformed during her 4 years as a stay at home mother. She became more knowledgable of kids fashion. She was determined to learn Korean and connected with many designers. Her daughter was the first to test the products to ensure it was comfortable and at the highest standard to introduce to Vancouver and the rest of the world. Her passion for fashion and Korean culture has led to the birth of Bubbles Made in Korea in 2017.

The logo was inspired by Patricia's daughter. The coloured brush strokes and the dots are evocative of shooting stars which resemble travelling from one destination to another. We deliver modern kids fashion from one community to the next through popup events.

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Please contact us for collaborations or if you would like Bubbles Made in Korea to feature your brand for our popup events.